Canned responses: Use saved responses in conversation

The Canned Responses feature in helps users to draft and save standardized replies for frequently observed patterns in customer conversations. By pressing “/” in the chat window, these predefined messages become readily accessible. Capabilities

  • Reduce response times by using pre-saved answers.

  • Minimize manual typing, especially for commonly used phrases or responses.

  • One canned response, usable across platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, web chatbots, and more.

  • Though personalization, canned responses can be tailored to individual customer's details

HOW to use canned responses

  1. Initiate by clicking on "Add New template." Here you can craft your standard responses.

  2. Fill in fields like "Response name", "Response content", "variables in response content", and "media", then hit save. You can Customize each response with names, content, dynamic variables, and even media attachments.


  • Q: How many Canned Responses can I create? A: There's no limit! Create as many as you need.

  • Q: Can I modify an existing Canned Response? A: Yes! Head over to canned responses in settings, and edit as you see fit.

  • Q: Will these responses be accessible across all my channels? A: Yes, once saved, your Canned Responses are available across all linked channels.

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